Back to the Roots | Mountainsmith Roots Collection

Innovation is great, but sometimes it's better to improve the wheel than reinvent it. That's exactly what Mountainsmith has done with their Roots Collection. Focusing on popular 1990's designs with a twist on modern materials, these packs are as durable and classic as they come. As The Manual puts it in their article, Mountainsmith Roots Collection, "They don't build packs like they used to. With ultralight fabrics, high tech harnesses and more features than you can count, modern packs are heavy on advancement, but sometimes form gets lost in all the function. Mountainsmith listened..." Mountainsmith decided to change this and produced the ultimate backcountry / urban explorer collection. Featuring three designs, the Grand Tour, Adventure Office, and Wizard, hitting the town or the trail now has the ultimate pop of classic construction. Make sure the read the full article here