Throwing Away a Throwaway Culture: Darn Tough Socks That Last

Throwing away a throwaway culture is what Tara Button has to say about the motives behind her business. After having become frustrated with products destined to join a landfill, Tara decided finding quality products with lifetime guarantees and company support was not only better for the environment, but better on the wallet. Among her many reviews of quality, lifelong products, Darn Tough Vermont Socks was a welcomed product for her website. In an interview with DailyMail/Femail.UK she explained how products worthy of her website are chosen. "Brands are selected on the basis of durability, or the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee or a free repair service". With an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee, high stitch count, and fine marino wool construction it was easy to make the cut. Currently highlighted are six Darn Tough Vermont Socks destined to last a lifetime.

In another interview with when asked what her favorite item was, Tara responded; "The socks. When I found socks with a lifetime guarantee, that was a good day. People treat socks as a throwaway. They get a pack of five, then they get holes. I like the idea of getting five Darn Tough socks and wearing them forever".